-All fees are non-refundable.

-You must own all the rights to the film.

-By submitting your film, you agree that the trailer or a clip of your film will be used for promotional purpose.

-If your film is missing, your submission will be downgraded to incomplete, before to be updated to not selected or disqualified.

– You will be notified by or on the the date of the notification date if your submission has been successful. Only “Winner” Submissions qualify to take part in the online festival screenings.

– Please note that Semi-Finalist submissions do not qualify for an online festival screening. These submissions are pre- selected by the programmers and will be notified if they qualify for online screening as the programming progresses.

– T&C / Policies: If your film is selected, you will receive a letter with further instruction on how to submit your screening copy and all the materials needed for the screening and for the listing of the film in official festival materials. If you fail to deliver these materials by the deadline specified, we cannot guarantee the screening of the film as part of the festival.

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